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Gates Industrial Power Transmission Division offers a complete industrial belt programme, including V-belts, multi-ribbed belts, synchronous belts, flexible couplings, tension testing tools, tensioners, pulleys and complete drive systems. The industrial application range extends from minimum drives on computer printers or other high-precision tools to industrial compressors and agricultural harvesters and tractors. Gates continuously invests in quality, research and development, enabling them at all times to assist OE manufacturers with whatever drive design challenge they may be confronted with.

01_Super HC Plus EPDM Belt.jpg 02_Poly Chain Carbon.jpg 03_Vulco Power II.jpg 04_Predator.jpg 05_Quad Power III.jpg 06_Sonic Tension Meter.jpg 07_Gates Mectrol Polyurethane Timing Belts.jpg 08_PowerGrip GT3.jpg